My name is Rory Chandler. I grew up the son of a concrete finisher/bricklayer, so I have been around concrete all my life. As a business owner in the concrete and masonry field the past 7 years, it has always been very important to me that a job be done right so that the finished project will last for years.

One part of the job that always slowed us down is installing expansion joints. Installing them properly and straight takes time. After pouring concrete up to expansion joints, you have to stop pouring, let it set, pull the forms, and then have to go back and order more concrete to finish the job.

After several years of development I have created CHANSPAN, the joint expansion system that will save you time and make you more profit.

Here are some ways CHANSPAN can help you everyday out in the field:

  • Creates straighter expansion/control joints.
  • Allows proper breaks at expansion/control joints.
  • Eliminates bulkheading or forming to set straight expansion joints.
  • Enables smooth uniform radius expansion joints.
  • Allows the contractor to set the height of the expansion joint or to leave it adjustable while pouring concrete.
  • Does not allow concrete to seep under expansion joint.
  • Allows the contractor to leave expansion joint set high so it can be driven down later to receive caulk.

CHANSPAN is now patented (US Patent #7506480). I am currently manufacturing and selling this product in the Midwest. Contractors are enjoying positive results with CHANSPAN and a few of their comments are available for viewing on this website.