About Our Products

Adjustable... Settable & Accomodates Rebar Reinforcements.

CHANSPAN expansion channel can be installed even when the subgrade is not perfectly level. CHANSPAN can be anchored to subgrade tightly, making it easy for expansion joint material to be set to a specific height with set screws or adjusted manually up or down during the pour. CHANSPAN accommodates rebar installations by simply drilling with an appropriately sized wood bit. CHANSPAN can be easily set and ready prior to pouring for efficiency in extended length pours.


Smooth & Stable Curves.

CHANSPAN takes the hassle out of creating aesthetically pleasing curved joints. With increasingly demanding clients need for "something different", curves are being requested more and more. Keeping those curves smooth, graceful and even artistic, yet stable and predictable is a challenge. CHANSPAN allows you to step up to the challenge by creating an expansion joint that satisfies your clients design requests as well as delivering a "true, clean and proper expansion joint."

Adjust to Any Length.

CHANSPAN expansion joint systems ship in 10' lengths but can can easily be trimmed or pieced together to fit any length needed.


Easy Installation.

CHANSPAN expansion joint system allows for easy installation with gutter spikes. (Spikes not included)

“With CHANSPAN we can get our expansion joints in the correct way, and keep on pouring. This saves me time and money.”

Greg Kimball
A&R Enterprises


“The 1 inch CHANSPAN works great on a radius. It gives you a true, clean, and proper expansion joint.”

Chris Rieple
Rieple Construction


“By having CHANSPAN in stock in our 4 locations (Des Moines, Omaha, Olatha and Bettendorf), it has allowed us to offer our customers a time saving and low cost method of placing and holding their fiber expansion in place.”

Jim Witt
Logan Contractors